Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)

Intermediate Care Facilities provide a comprehensive program of active treatment in an atmosphere that allows the individual to pursue normal living experiences in a homelike environment. Services include health, psychological, recreational, nutritional, social services and other determined support services as needed by each individual.

Open Door Center has four ICF/DD residences in Valley City. One of them serves children.

  • Group Home 1: (Children’s Program) 240 4th Ave. SE
  • Group Home 2: 220 5th Ave. SW
  • Group Home 4: 491 2nd Ave. NE
  • Group Home 5: 664 10th Ave. SE

Minimally Supervised Living Arrangements (MSLA)

In Minimally Supervised Living Arrangements independence is fostered, personal lifestyle choices are encouraged and social and community skills are refined. As with all services offered by the Open Door Center, the MSLA program is licensed by the State of North Dakota.

931 4th St. SW (Group Home 3)

Children’s Program

This residential program services children who have a pervasive developmental disorder. The program offers a structured and integrated home where children can gain and strengthen skills needed to lead an adult life or return to their home community. They attend public and summer school in the least restrictive environment.

240 4th Ave. SE

Individual Supported Living Arrangements (ISLA)

Individual Supported Living Arrangements, or ISLA programs provide independent living services living in their own homes. These support services assist the individual in maintaining their own living arrangement in an integrated community setting. Support is provided on an as-needed basis depending on the individuals desires.

HI Soaring Eagle Ranch

The “Ranch” is a long term basic care facility for individuals with a traumatic brain injury. The program provides each participant with services that foster emotional and physical growth, enhance self-worth and personal development.

In addition to the Ranch, TBI transitional services are also offered. This program assists individuals who live in their own home. Training for both programs is individually designed based on the person’s needs. Work experience is provided through the Eagle’s Nest Bookstore, the Viking Room Restaurant and other community options. Integrated Skills provides day supports to aid social skills development.

3731 117th Ave. SE
Valley City, ND