Developmental Day Activity

This program emphasizes stimulation, exposure and reinforcement in activities that increase and retain independence and life skills in areas such as making decisions and choices, socialization, use of community resources, interpersonal communication, and self awareness. With the assistance of staff, the appropriate areas of training are selected that meet each individual’s specific plan.

207 East Main

Developmental Work Activity

Individuals develop prevocational and work skills such as dependability, problem solving, attention to tasks, following directions, communication, and safety precautions. These skills are developed in a supervised, supportive work environment with the use of contracts and other activities.

209 Second Street SE
Valley City, North Dakota

401 East Main
Lisbon, North Dakota

Supported Employment Program

This program emphasizes the placement of individuals with disabilities in a non-segregated, competitive employment environment. “Support” or ongoing assistance is provided systematically on a long-term basis.

Audio-Visual Tactile (AVT)

Audio-Visual Tactile services offer a relaxed retirement and non-vocational atmosphere. It supports people to pursue volunteer, recreational and leisure activates along with reality orientation in current events, seasonal and holiday activates and other areas of interest.

Integrated Skills

A day support program for individuals with traumatic brain injury that offers training in social skills development, personal growth, prevocational and vocational training, opportunities for volunteerism and recreational and leisure options.